Pole Sports UK Championship

Saturday 1st September 2018

Witham Public Hall, Collingwood Road, Witham, Essex CM8 2DY


The Pole Sports UK Championship was introduced to enable those who wish to persue pole as a sport, a safe, fair and transparent platform to compete from. Pole Sports UK know that the UK athletes of the future are the enthusiasts of today. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting all enthusiasts regardless of age, gender or ability to reach their goals and become the best that they can be.


We are passionate in promoting and celebrating the development of those wishing to embark on the competition phases and so have designed a competition where competitors of all abilities can enter and compete against those of the same ability. This ensures a fair and level playing field as well as a safe enviroment to take make the incredible transition from enthusiast into competitor.


For those who compete and win at the top level we are thilled to be able to offer further support to compete at an IPSF endorsed Open Championship with the chance to represent not only themselves but also the UK on the world stage.


For more information and an entry pack please download here.




Sections you can enter



We are thrilled to be able to open sections for all ages and abilities for more information please see below or request an entry pack.


  1. FIRST TIMERS For those who are new to pole and have never competed before


  1. BEGINNERS Youth 6-16

Adult 17-39

Masters 40+



  1. INTERMEDIATE Youth 6-16

Adult 17-39

Masters 40+



  1. ADVANCED Youth 6-16

Adult 17-39

Masters 40+



  1. PROFESSIONAL Adult 18-39

Masters 40+


To make the Pole Sports UK Championship as accessable as possible to those in the UK the first stage will be a video entry with the top 5 from each section being intived to compete at the final on Saturday 1st September 2018 at whitham Public Hall.



Where dedication and achivement walk hand in hand.


With the launch of our exclusive

Judge's Sponsorship Program we are thilled to elavate those dedicate to pole to world class standard.

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Pole Sports UK Championship entry is OPEN.

Feb 05, 2018



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