Pole Sports UK is a not for profit organisation dedicated to positively promoting and developing pole as an athletic sport. Run by voluntary members from across the country, we aim to foster the development of pole sports throughout the UK.

In recent years pole has diversified out of the club and into the everyday life and fitness routines of many across the world. There are lots of different types of pole practiced across the world; fitness, artistic, urban and Sport to name a few. Often an individual may practice several different styles of pole at once.


Pole Sports is the practice of pole to become proficient and skilled in technical pole moves such that one may compete against others in points-based, sporting events . We often call individuals who practice pole sports Athletes.

Our aim is to set in place a format that will be accepted by Sport England and the British Olympic Association (BOA) to get Pole Sports recognised as an official sport with in the UK and eventually to become part of the Olympic Games.


As an organisation, PSUK is working to become the national governing body for pole sports and to raise its profile across the UK. We actively encourage people outside of the industry to recognise that Pole Sports is a derivation of pole dancing which goes beyond historical connotations of the term, to lead the way in modern athleticism. We combine vertical gymnastics with acrobatics and an unusual blend of dance styles to create a visually exciting spectator sport.


It is of the utmost importance to PSUK that the general public are educated correctly to understand that pole sports is only one branch of a larger industry. In the same way that gymnastics has many different forms including artistic, rhythmic, aerobic, trampolining and tumbling; pole too comes in a variety of forms.

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